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I was born and raised in Oregon, so cool, rainy temperate rain forests feel right at home for me. I love nature,

Sara Dawn

Sara Dawn

trees, animals, gardening and spending time outdoors. I am a member of the nonprofit TreeSisters.

I’m madly in love with my husband and our life, where ever it takes us. We lived in Spain for three years, where I fell in love with cooking, family oriented culture, ancient stone paved roads, outlaying towns, and drove a car only once because in Europe, one can relax on train rides to arrive to most destinations.

I’m a big promotor of Rebirthing Breathwork and healing with the elements. I love studying human potential, physical immortality, mysticism, and metaphysics. I like to create feather jewelry, crochet, and art.

I adore Rumi, the Gaia Codex, and Jane Austen.

I also experience this dis-ease known as endometriosis. It keeps me in bed, indoors, far too often. I’m currently finishing my book about my personal journey with endo, and you can be among the first to know when it’s ready if you subscribe for my updates.


I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or health care specialist of any kind. The information I share on this website is based on my own personal experiences with the endometriosis symptoms present in my body. Each person’s ‘case’ is unique. Always consult the advice of a professional healthcare specialist or your primary medical care doctor before making any changes to your health care regime.



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